627 Westwood South Drive, Festus, MO 63028

(636) 931-9066


Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“Festus Manor has a very professional and friendly staff. Everyone is treated like family. The food is good and physical therapy is very efficient because it WORKS! The staff keeps you busy with different activities at Festus Manor. Overall the atmosphere is very nice and my stay here has been very pleasant.”

Doug Dickerson, Resident

“Festus Manor is more like a family than a facility. Each person’s life, touches everyone. When someone passes away it’s like losing a family member. The staff here respects my privacy and makes living here feel like home.”

Connie Reynolds, Resident

“I can only say good things about Festus Manor. My husband Ben was here for 1.5 years and I never had any complaints. The staff was great. Ben’s been gone now for 3 years but I continue to volunteer every day.”

Lee Robinson, Past Family Member

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