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At this time, to keep our residents and staff safe, we request that family, friends, and vendors do not visit the facility unless absolutely necessary. 
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Success Stories


October 2021

Mr. Hill is going home today. He has been here at Festus Manor since April Fool’s Day. He came to this home with a cancer diagnosis, with a g-tube for eating and a trach. He has since had those removed. He says that everyone has been great here!


September 2021


April 2021

“I could just give up or go on with living my life” said Bill, an outdoorsman who enjoyed gardening, spending time outdoors, and taking care of his lawn. After a long hospital stay from sustaining serious injuries in an outdoor accident, Bill was admitted to Festus Manor in March.

Over the course of a few weeks, Bill participated in extensive Physical and Occupational Therapy to regain his strength. “I was pretty weak and in rough shape when I admitted to Festus Manor. Everyone in the therapy department was great to work with each and every day. The food was good and, when I needed help, the nurses and aides were right there to assist me. Festus Manor has great staff all the way around, the dietitian was very helpful and nice too. I would highly recommend Festus Manor to anyone!”

Therapy Patient from Festus Manor

Rose Turnbell

December 2020

Rose is a Missouri native that lives with her husband of 55 years in Gerald.  After a fall, Rose was transferred to the hospital and was further diagnosed  with pneumonia and then COVID-19. After a lengthy hospital stay, she needed  therapy to regain strength. She came to Festus Manor to work with the  in-house therapy department. She worked very hard every day and made a  full recovery! 

Rose states that the therapy department was excellent at allowing her to  work at her own pace and made the exercises easy to follow. Rose continues  to utilize the exercises she learned now that she has returned home. She  states that she especially appreciated the night shift nursing staff. She  explains that they always did a really great job. She mentions that she would  recommend Festus Manor; and says that overall, the staff was very helpful,  polite and nice. 

Now that Rose has returned home, she states that she is looking forward to  being able to spend time with her family and friends. She states that she continues to enjoy spending time outside on her farm and looks forward to  nicer weather when she can sit on her deck.  

Theodore "Paul" Cash

December 2020

No stranger to the Festus area, Paul is a familiar face. Hailing from Bonne Terre, he and his family reside in his  home that he built in 1956. After a fall resulted in a broken hip, Paul needed to have therapy before returning  home.  

Paul states that his stay at Festus Manor was pleasant. He explains that the therapists were wonderful and that he  was so grateful that he was able to make such a quick recovery. While at Festus Manor, Paul enjoyed eating break fast the most. He states that his favorites were bacon and eggs and biscuits and gravy.  

Paul worked diligently with the therapists to regain strength and mobility. He was able to return home after about 6  weeks. He continues to utilize the exercises that he learned while at Festus Manor, and states that they are very  easy to follow. He explains that would recommend Festus Manor to his friends because the staff was very helpful  and always made sure that he had everything he needed.  

Now that he is home, he is looking forward to getting a haircut and spending time with his grandkids. Together, they  enjoy doing crossword puzzles. He is happy to be home for the holidays and being able to spend time with his family.  

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